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Savills RWYC Kip Regatta (this weekend)

Savills Kip Regatta 2008 1
Photo Credit (when I find the guys name)

Savills the Global estate agents who have sponsored the recession proof Kip Regatta on the Clyde with great sucess through the years have cashed in on the long termness of their commitment to the event with this year seeing the largest rise in entries to new record levels. It’s a great practice regatta for Scottish Series, for those who need it that is, and there are plenty among the entry list who do. 

 Class One, (the smallest class as we speak with five entries) could be won by ‘Local (Geoffrey) Hero’, ‘Playing FTSE’, or ‘Argie Bargie’ with a 16mph forecast on Saturday and 6mph for Sunday I would have to say ‘Local’ to win folowed by ‘FTSE’ with ‘Argie (Rock Star Cental) Bargie’ 3rd but all that could change if they take their ego calming tablets in time.

Class Two looks like a well competitive class with much talent throughout the fleet, winners could be “The Men of Arran”sailing ‘Sloop John T’ or ‘Animal’, I would have to say that ‘Animal’ owned by the guy with the nice wife could win this class over ‘Sloop JT’ as there is a overnight stay involved, but it will be close with third going to something under the 40ft mark.

Class Three is always a tough one with the long term partnership of Scutt & Jefferies (now both Married) no not to each other, but ‘still game’ sailing Carmen 2, also the very new (don’t even think it has arrived yet, Archambault A31 which will no doubt be named something to do with GIN? How about “Take it on the Gin” you’re right, just add water, that will be the Tonic. Also out to do some damage will be the two J109’s, with their child sized head sails which will be powerful on Saturday in a breeze, but they will struggle on the Sunday with 6mph winds on long courses and super strong tides combined with extra water volume off the hills. So for the win I’m going for ‘Camen 2’ for their experience in the Clyde and constant podium positions with a J109 in Second followed by the Elan 333 or the A31.

Sports Boats Class could be won by one of the one’s that have entered as I don’t have a clue about this class, as I’m too big to sail in it, but here goes to win SB3, 2nd 1720 and Third a Hunter 707 as no-one should ever name their boat Haggis and the Sonar isn,t really a Boat sorry Sports Boat.

Class 4 is like vegetable soup so just pick your ticket, but could say either Misjif as it is well sailed and properly prepared (had its antifoul removed) but will stuggle against the Sigma 33 and Elan, but that could be the top three.

The Sonata’s could go anyway but I will say ‘Wicked Wookie’ to win. The introduction of the Flying Fifteen class this year is just what that class needed to get them out of the Home of One Design Racing on the Clyde (The Holy Loch Sailing Club) so just sail down the Loch and turn right down the Clyde till you see a big Chimney on your left and lots of boats, head for that space and your there. Anyway what I can say is who will not win the FF class due to being run over by a Piper One Design last night just before the start (tough little boats these) no not the FF that could be a write off, so tough break ‘Nae Fear’, this could be won by ‘Riff Raff ‘ who have been off the pace for much of the time, but with some good guys missing from the class may be in with a shout, ‘Woffle’ has also found some form recently but I would have to go with ‘FFunky Chicken’ to win.

For some proper infomation on this event and a entry list checkout the Clyde Sailing web site ……


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