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Pensioner 75+ Wins Scottish IRC Championships

This windy weekend at Largs was indeed this pensioners D-Day with almost straight bullets flying, just like the “Old days”  he showed the true spirit and grit in not only dominating the Class but also winning the event overall. Mr Corson (very senior) planned the win last week with the precision and accumen required in blowing up a stategic bridge during war times. Corson obviously a long term campaigner on the Clyde realised early in the week that the Sailing Instructions stated that crew numbers were restricted by their IRC certificates, and having aquired the skills of local sailmaker John (Saturn) Highcock where he buys his winning sails from, was sailing on the boat and this meant that while everyone else was throwing off crew to comply with the certificate Mr Corson opted just to have the sailing instuctions changed. This as you might think would be Mission Impossible for a mear  mortal to do. However the Mudhook Yacht club being one of the oldest clubs in sailing history and having a depth of mystery attached to it only equal to that of the Vatican or a MP’s expenses claim, so obviously an easy to deal with bunch of dudes looked on the situation with clarity and called the right thing to do and amended the sailing instuctions accordingly…check it out here  PURE CLASS …………………………SIR CARSON (Legion status granted) and well done on your treble win.

Oh yes, and there were some others sailing at the regatta who did good and others that did not do so well and you all know who you are? Read the full report at www.clydesailing.co.uk prob late Sunday night (sorry no pressure Chas) here’s the results page

P.S You may realise that I’ve actually posted this on the morning, of the last day of the regatta before the last two races have been sailed, but for me regardless of the final outcome Mr Corson and the crew of Salamander xxxxx11 are the winners this weekend (Go silver Power) What is a Mudhook anyway?


One Response

  1. A mudhook is sailor slang for an anchor………see Mudhook Yacht Club’s logo!
    Also see item SKU W2558 on the AC Silver website for a more historical link!!

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