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West Highland Week Up date (First Part)

highland clever

Photo Credit: Marine Blast

A Site with some photo’s here from Dave Allison I think?

West Highland Yachting Week now there’s a proper Regatta. But just where do I start with a week that saw a massive list of entries well spread across the Classes. This regatta is well sorted in that it ticks all or most boxes that Sailing folks are looking for.

It was a great week for Marine Blast to be able to zip on the Fat Suit and large it up on the West Coast. This year I was asked along as ballast on that Star Ship Thunderbird the one that was Blasting down the Sound of something on it way to Balamory at 16.6kts. I’ve got to tell you that was simply stunning and one of the best yachting experiences I have had the pleasure of without having to take off the Fat Suit, if you know what I mean. I just have to  say that the hospitality shown on this occassion was shall we say over coming. During the week I’m afraid to say that I never actually made it off the support boat as I didn’t see any point on leaving the comfort and what I thought was a burst box of Red Wine which never stopped flowing all week. It was Farr out and not so much of a wee gem but a Big Oyster so thanks for the experience Stormbird Luxury Race Charters or something like that.

Anyway more of that stuff later, we were racing in Class One so know most of what happened there. Class One was this year dominated by PLAYING FTSE a big bendy 47.5 under the dictatorship of Jonathan Anderson and supported by a very long established core crew. A very young athletic and looking much younger than usual Johnathan told me that ‘By The Way’ he was delighted to win Class One (but he would say that) and like all modest and wise men thanked the conditions which he said suited the boat more than usual. He was also delighted with the crews very hard work rate both on the water and in the boozer. This FTSE was the going to be the only good FTSE news this week as it rallied to hit the top slot. They won by making the least mistakes round the race course. So well done FTSE although you do have some pretty strange looking crew on that boat, The cast of ELF comes to mind. So get it up ye. In 2nd Place Bateleur 97 did a good steady job round the pitch and had some old faithfuls on board including Yachting Journalist Andy Robertson fresh from some Sonar training programme he’s on for saying they where pishh boats to sail, what he really meant was that they where good for community service programmes, anyway good to see you in a proper boat Andy. In 3rd place was Dr Ken Grant sailing his J109  Tighsolious 2 who did a good job sailing the slowest boat in the class and put in some steady results throughout the week just beating veteran Ian Cleaver in his wee Melges 24 with the help of Olympic Coach Paul Bethron or something like that who is famous for coaching The Three birds that won a Gold last time round in the Ding a ling Class you know the one I mean.

Anyway none of the above boats where doing 16.6 kts for as long as we were and thats what counts. (Video coming soon)

The overall winner of the regatta was “Glen Afton” and magnificant big old green ketch kept in stunning order with the help of a few million in the bank I think? Anyway it was just great to see them winning it over all and not that modern stuff picking up everything, The Glen Afton crew were still enjoying games of snooker and croquet on the back deck while trundling down the sound in 30+kts “Pass me another Pimms darling”

Anyway its getting late and I’m still trawling throught the video clips to piece together some delights for you during the week while you’re at work. So see you later in the week for some more updates. I’ll Up Date the other Classes and give you a taste of the luxury that I had to endure on Sea Eagle our suppport boat, its been very interesting. On Wednesday we had a extra few guests of shall we say  of  National Importance and thats all I can say right now. Due to that we neeeded to have extra security in the form of  a Police Rib trying to be low key if you know what I mean but it was required, so sorry if that police presence alarmed anyone in away, its just national security at work. Full set of results here see you later.


One Response

  1. west highland week update (first part)

    entertaining read, great stuff.
    Now that you’ve dried out, after going down on Billie Piper, are you going to publish part 2?

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