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Who’s Going Down on “Billie Piper”


Photo Credit: Lovely girl on the beach.     Yacht “Billie Piper”

It was such a very sad and painful day for Mr Marine Blast and his crew who were enjoying the Piper one design class Championships off Royal Gourock sailing Club on the Clyde. Whilst on the last down wind leg of a windward lee-ward course while lying 5th in I suppose fairly windy conditions we had a massive wipe-out (Chinese Gybe)  in a gust of about 100 kts knocked the boat flat and the kite filled with water pinned it down and filled till it sank to the bottom of the Clyde in about 70 ft of water, the whole thing happen in about 5-8 seconds.

Just like to say a very BIG THANKS to the boats that came to our rescue so promptly in particular Fergie Campbell and Robert Paterson sailing “Sanderling” who managed to pluck all three of us out the water in one go in some very tricky conditions indeed. A great show of seamanship and sportsmanship.  In short we ended up with a DNF (Did Not Float)  What a Bummer…………..we will be back ……..shortly


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  1. if anyone can get it up – Billy Piper can… 🙂

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