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A Tribute to Jim Mc – A Top Commodore of the Clyde Cruising Club.

I found this video of Past Commodores of the Clyde Cruising Club, CCC and thought, hey I know them they used to be mates and loved Sailing and helped anyone they could, to be better sailors and have lots of fun at the same time. Listen to the words four or five times and you get it. If you don’t you’re not here in the first place

A Tribute to Jim Mc –  A Top Commodore of the Clyde Cruising Club.

Last month, while reading my January edition of ‘Yachting Strife’ in the little room and reading on page 12 an article about the Centenary of the CCC, I noticed that not all the Past Commodores were present and that sort of made me read the whole article about how well everyone had done not sailing one design boats in the Clyde, well done all who were mentioned. I read the article just to see if Jim Mc jumped out the cake or not. Anyway he didn’t. So I just thought he must have died or something much worse, not dead but just forgotten.

Anyway, it bothered me for a few days and when I next returned to little room I sifted through my older editions of ‘Yachting Strife’ and luckily still had some pages left from the November 09 edition and remembered reading a article on page 20 about how The CCC was formed 100 years ago, to promote Cruising and Cruising races along with the social side of sailing which, is indeed well documented and has great tradition and traditional values of gentlemen sailors.

Tradition can sometimes be associated with being stuck in the past but not here in today’s CCC where obviously photo shop has managed to wipe out one past commodore with one or two click s of the mouse. If this was the case, then surely it must have been the club members and a committee decision to do so? Given that the club’s history has been well documented over the years, how is this going to be recorded in another 100 years, what will the club’s values be then, as they appear to have to have changed somewhat?

I’m not going to go down the road of club politics especially one that I’m not a member of and now unlikely to get a proposer for never mind getting seconded, anyway the short version is Commodore came in to term did a super job, left the Club in a better condition than he got it, said as much in his departing statement then was asked to hand back his black blazer and given a bullet proof vest and ten minutes head start before being erased from the memories of the club using photo-shop from all future and maybe even past publications.

If this is continuing the traditions of the Club set up 100 years ago then fine, but I think not, something has been lost in translation at the gybe mark and no one appears to have noticed. I’ve got an empty frame with no picture in it as its from my first marriage and the glass is a little smashed but it is a good likeness to the one of the missing past commodores of the KKK sorry CCC and you can have it.

Jim Mc being a past Commodore as with all past commodores it is his privilege to hoist the Past Commodores Burgee during the Race up the west coast of Scotland this summer, so why not have a race within a race for all Past Commodores? This would be a good format for the club to think about and it’s only an idea.

If you think this race is a good idea then drop off or send a bottle of whisky to an agreed place for collection by the committee (The target is 100 bottles) to show that your Values have not changed and you support this, let’s feel the love again thing. After the race, split all the bottles equally between all the past commodores and they in turn share it with everyone, including the town or village that they are in, as a true celebration of Gentlemanly sportsmanship and CCC traditional values. Then take a new photo for the history books. Enough plasters and bandages have been applied to this subject and it is still septic – Whisky will fix this, feel the love.

Those commodores were fucking great by the way.

Now where do I send my bottle and who will join me?


Your Social Hand Grenade


One Response

  1. Ex-commodore Jim

    I have been following comments on your website and others re: the best past commodore the club never had and I too am a bit disappointed. After all why would anyone of his calibre leave a club when only nine past commodores are stabbing him in the back at the same time as thirteen odd of his old buddies – main committee members, flag officers and secretaries are giving a good kicking at the front.

    Did Caesar resign from the senate ? No he stuck it out while he was being stabbed as long as he could which, ultimately, was not very long but at least he did his best and so should have Jimmy Mac.

    A real man could probably handle twice that number of stabbings and kickings at any one time and a god well who knows.

    Anyway about 2000 club members were supportive of his efforts or just did not care enough to have an opinion which is probably much the same thing these days. Commodore Jim or should it be Comrade Jim ? man of the people our ex-supreme leader did sometimes have views to the “port” of Genghis McKhan but then we always knew that so why the big surprise when he wrote some of them down.

    The financial facts in his allegedly offending personal overview of his two years in office were disclosed to all members prior to the 2006 AGM and nobody from the old guard present raised an eyebrow or a blazer lapel or even polished a cuff-link.

    I think he should apologise for his behaviour – what right did he have to swoop into power, give the club a spring clean, sort out the finances, spread fun, happiness and hope far and wide, get us all revved up and then simply b…g off

    It is not good enough – the members need an apology for this drastic behaviour otherwise it will be repeated and who knows where that would lead to.

    We are now faced with the blazers running the asylum again, very expensive centenary celebrations (what happened to the £50,000 the club was raising to sponsor and subsidise this event ?), a summer cruise with more visitors present than probably club members and obviously a massive vacuum in the years 2011 & 2012 when the event is all over. So yes Jimmy Mac you owe the club members a big big apology or maybe you could return on a white or green charger and deliver us all from the hands of the philistines and do it all again, whoops there goes a flying pig.

    Commodore Jim’s overview did not, in my opinion, have a double or hidden meaning and neither does this e-mail so don’t apologise to the blazers, stuff the old guard, they have had their time, but you should definitely apologise to the ordinary members of the club for leaving us in such a state.

    Mr Y.R. Wei Weiting

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