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Day ONE in the big Brother house (Scottish Series) during our extended winter.

Having been obviously been left off the media list by mistake  for the fifth year in a row, am having to go by what actually happens this week. Day one was a mixed bag, was my first observation judging by the way some were dressed, and when the other bag arrives I’m sure they will look a lot better and matching. Anyway 88 boats managed to the starting line for the start of what looks on paper to be a walk over for the big bendy bus with big winds forecast for the weekend or that’s what you would think! IRC one, sorry IRC 2 with some IRC 1 boats (4) added.  Anyway  most of the Ego’s have landed now and are getting down to the business of winning.  Although it’s early days and Class 1 (Formally known as Class 2) there were some good  average showings of what might be this weekend.

Antix, and another boat Tokocusha or something like that along with Playing Footsie all class one boats at birth where given a hard lesson from The two Bendy 40’s ELf 2 and Zephyer taking top three slots on both races. It was said Elf 2 sailed a brilliant race from start to finish and won the first race hands down and not the best looking crew in the world  apart from Mrs Murray that is, they did shine and could be a force to be feared (both on and off the water) so all to play for in that class.

IRC Class 3 looks like where the action is, and with some talent in that class too (Suzi A) Animal for One. Its a big Class and has some real fucking battelers in it who could upset some pre booked  placings as the days go on if you know what I mean. There’s five boats that could win that class with the forecast that is, Acrewed Intrest, Keith Lord, Team Carmen who have many years experience in Tarbert and can make a boat go when the winds up. Bengal Magic, Tighsoulis 2 J109, and the mighty Swan Sloop John B always sailed well. Im told teh Class is wide open and all the pressure on last years overall winners SalamanderXX as Im sure they will do again and again.

IRC Class 4 is also a tough class, well for five boats anyway, all eyes are on Jackaroo sailed by Hamish McKay two times something or other winner in the past when he was good (another boat helm said this week) I did look where he finished in both races, and it looks like you may alway be shit, you know who u are Dickhead. Mr McKay and although an aging crew of prob over  a couple of hundred years at Scottish Series combined is going to be a tough guy to beat. Iain Laidlaws Skywalker J97 is always sailed well and lets face it its going to be windy and anything can happen. Sorry got to go Mrs Marineblasts got my crisps waiting…….Good luck everyone…

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