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Blow Me! Day 2 Scottish Series

Photo Credit by Marc Turner of PFM Pictures http://www.pfmpictures.co.uk

Day 2 Scottish Series will go down as a very busy day in the pubs. With only one race managing to be sailed, the boats were back and tied up for lunch.
In IRC 1 (formaly known as IRC 2) it was again the big hitters Antix with one bullet followed by Tokoloshe in second and Playing Footsie in third place closely followed by what would have been a first in Class 2 Zephyr. The overall results for this class just show the top class one boats in 1,2,3 positions followed by the  boats from what was Class 2.
So that class One make your own mind up there.

IRC3 As said in day 1’s report anything might happen in this class to upset a string of bullets and some would say that was just what happened. The top spot went to the Grand Gru 2 team who in horrendous conditions pulled off a fantastic result. The team spokesman said it was all in the planning and have been out working up the team over the winter and feel that they have worked out who drinks what now, and are going for it big time. That sort of commitment you just don’t see any more. A source close to Jamie and it might actually have been him that said “Having now been forced to sail in a competitive class and not prepared to listen to D Ralston wittering on, were reallly looking forward to the BIG Sunday Race” Salamander xx were reported to have a massive broach and some on lookers thought that their facial expressions told a story of not actually knowing what to do as it may have been their  first mistake in many years. Although the boat was under the water onlookers were glad to see that Mr Corson did not actually get his feet wet…..Followed by Bengal Magic and Sloop John T.

Class IRC4 Another first for team Jackaroo J97 avaliable from Big Peter at Key Yachting, contact detail from The Marine Blast Marine Industry Directory apparently. No you have to say that Jackaroo did sail a faultless race in thier own conditions, it may have been windy but not for these boys. Where you have a team where everyone has BIG infront of their name off the water except WII Roddy that is (but I think that’s for other reasons) you have to expect them to go everywhere better do you? It was only gear failure that could stop these boys. Two tooth paste companies are trying to sign them up such was the smiles after the first race when the first bullet was shot. Followed by Mr Ross McDonald in Equinox aptly named for the series. In third place was Wildebeast 2 a little projection with lots of living space, sea view and close by amenities, rarely on the market. They had a great race and finished third with some time to spare. It’s amazing how some people will always look like an estate agent where ever they are, commented someone from a faster boat. All to play for in this class yet, well second and third places anyway.

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