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Day 3 Tarbert Fair Weekend & Scottish Series


Photo Credit Marc Turner http://www.pfmpictures.co.uk/

To many compeitors Scottish Series has been the best in  memory. The new format of One Race a day and off to the pub for Magor other sporting events is proving very popular indeed and not only for the pub owners.

Sundays race was sailed in the very strongest of very windy very challenging type of conditions with the lulls down to 34kts and the gusts up at 44 kts. It was as you might think a big boys days out by all accounts.

 IRC One was by all accounts a fan fair of wipe outs and bad shit happening mostly on the down hill legs. The big proper boats of the class Tokoloshe and Antix, showed everyone that could see them just how it was done both up hill and brilliantly down hill with the Antix fore deck even showing what to do when it all goes wrong with not clipping the down haul on…..couple of seconds later it was all sorted and  back up to MAC 3 speed with everything they had. It was however not enough and after a faultless sail By Tokoloshe and its perfect crew / boat handling where doing MAC 4 and won the Golden Shot followed by Antix. In third place was local boat Zephyr now sailing on thier correct handicap (Down 7 points) having a very good series. Owner $tevi Cowie, was said to be having a absoulute fuckin ball and really enjoying the Series, Not a man known for generating a lot of wind power but what he does know is how to harness it and max it out to his advantage.He will only be looking at the two front runners in the fleet to make up his mind whats on the shopping list for next season, now he ‘s got the hang of it. Some say the back of the boat they canny sing, but Ive heard there main sheet trimmmer whinnning like a burst dog at Karoke night before, but not on this occasssion when he was lucky not to lose his head (which is much bigger than a finger) during a little issue with a jammer cleat, only breaking his Harken sunglasses in this instance, ego still intact bashed on losing more than a pint of blood to the finish. I have no predictions for who’s going to win this class.

IRC 3  It just gets better, Grand Gru 2 (Know now as Grand Larson2) turned up the noise today and claimed that yestarday was only the satrt of something much bigger (And thats not going to be a head sail, is it)? Yes they burst through when it counts and stole first place for the second day in a row. “Salamander who” was the cry from the after gaurd who will be looking for a repeat performace tomorrow to take them into prize list, maybe collecting something overall from the lower shelf perhaps? It looks like that Marine Blast anti foul removal over the winter has not hindered you to much. (Ego’s firmly stroked)

In second place was the J109 Tigh Soulis 2 also a Marine Blast Anti foul removal customer managed to pump the other J109 Storm on this occassion. Owner Dr Grant was delighted with the days performance on the water and looked forward to Mondays racing where winds will be only gale force.

IRC4 had a new winner today in the form of “HOPS” an lovely example of a old IOR 3/4toner, they set a frantic pace round the cans and where rewarded with a narrow-ish win over Class leaders Jackaroo J97 in second and Iain Laidlaws Sky Walker also a J97. HOPS is seriously for SALe to a good home or it was until today maybe.With only 6 boats starting in a class of double figures it was sad for Equinox after having such a good series lose her mast during the day.

Good Luck to all tomorrow…………..

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