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Whats The French For That Was Easy@ Bell Lawrie? LADY COURRIER Take The Top Trophy

 Photo Credit: www.patrickroach.com


PERFECT PERFECT and more Perfect was the message from JAMIE MATHIESONThe Bell Lawrie Dude at the top. The Series was a fantastic success for both the sponsors and the Village of Tarbert. With perfect steady winds from the East throughout the series, it was a typically straight forward series for both racers and the Committee, who did a great job on the water. Also the on the water coverage hosted by none other than the ever charismatic ANDI ROBERTSON who provided up to date info on all the classes and some interesting stats and background info on some of the racers taking part. It was also great hearing all that old 80’s music all day royalty free of course, but great effort.

The overall winner of Scottish Series 2008 was FRA 35547 LADY COURRIER sailed by Gery Trentesaux and his French crew. A new Beneteau First 45 based out of La Trinité in Brittany, Lady Courrier maintained a near perfect scoreline in perfect conditions on Loch Fyne today at the 170 boat Bell Lawrie Scottish Series.

Class2 was won by Irish boat ROSIE just ahead of PREMIER FLAIR by just one point.

Class3 was rolled into submission by Marine Blast’s favorite to win overall, CARMEN (still Game) after an excellent score line which must have been the lowest in the series? but a great set of results for the long established team from Helensburgh who will be around to fight another day. For a full report of OVERALL RESULTS HERE More to come………………











With the start of Scottish Series about to start this Friday morning its been a day of feeder races to sunny Tarbert, checkout the results here The races are more just for fun nowadays with a mixed bag in various classes. So whats there to look forward too? Well there will be some very intresting IRC racing in all classes. The entry for class 2 will and has always been very difficult to win as will Class 1. The latest forcast for the Tarbert race course is for heavy rain to remind us what its usually like, with 16mph from the east, then sunny till Tue with winds all from the east for the whole series ranging from 9mph to 14mph for the next few days. So translated into Tarbert weather means light and shit and should make it a very intresting set of conditions for everyone. Marine Blast will be keeping you up to date daily with the sailing stuff thats going on. 

Mines bigger than yours (Keel Envy)

Look at this Mother of a keel, The little one in the background was actually a big one at some time. Photo Credit Marine Blast

With the start of Scottish series just around the corner i thought as I was driving back past Kip Marina I would just pop in and see what was happening on the pontoons. But as fitness was down over the last few months I was glad that I did’nt even have to walk as far as that to see the action. Anyway I bumped into few U-Boat commanders building Scotlands newest SPEED boat society, a very tasty KING 40.

With piles of boxes half open and emptied, un-rigged masts and rigging, guys with tools and hammers working away inside it was more like a scene from a IKEA returns section. The Boss (Dane) seemed to have it under control and assurred me that he was going to be ready for Scottish Series, but added that he might miss the fist race and use that for a discard after he has booted everyones arses thoughout the week. He may not actually have said that but I think that was what he was thinking?

Anyway good luck with that build programme and hope you get it sorted in time to race. But it does look very sexy indeed a sort of size 8 with big tits look about it, and looks like it will go like f*ck 2. So Im not going to give any predictions for this years winner but looking at the list of enties think it might be a Irish boat again judging from the line up of entries. Anyway it was very intresting all round and if I was to predict any thing, it would be that a lot of boats are going to have to be up dated or indeed changed to remain in the honours list with that THING around.

Marine Blast will of course be at Scottish Series this year and will attempt to bring you the CHAT and some video from the Series. But dont expect to much.


Thanks to ‘Big Balls Productions’ for this video, although I hear that the music had to be added to cover up the commentary that was recorded during filming, as they figured that they may never get a sail on a Clyde Yacht again or indeed may even receive a swift kick in those big production balls for some serious slander. Which I might add I thought was very funny and they should take the boot in the Balls and just publish it anyway. So well done Mr Paton and Mr McWhirr.

Anyway I wasn’t there but my garden is looking almost perfect, unlike some of those mark roundings in the un-edited version. Checkout the full report at ClydeSailing Judging by the results Scottish Series will be very interesting.

5th or Forth? Naw I think its only the 2nd Time its stuck on the floor

Bad news travells faster than a sinking boat, and this unlucky practice session ended with a lift home in a rescue boat this week, apparently they walked home last week, a few to many burgers I fear. This time all where saved, but a few weighted issues to be sorted out there. Full story here

Skiff American Style

Nice wee vidoe promo from the USA where the bridges are. Its a Sponsor promo trailer for the American Sailing League Championship Series 2008 at PIER 39 in downtown San Francisco. Some magic sailing shots too.

Would You Be Able To Ride This?

What can I say, this could replace the Ladies Volley ball world series? Could you ride this and for how long for? Do you think you  could keep it up for the entire ride

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