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TRi This Out The Water

Check out this bitch motoring down the hill Like a Something that does that sort of thing but out of control. I mean 40.1 fuckin kts during the day in a built up area with a chopper kicking about…………..suits you sir. These French dudes like their boats floating dont they…..well Im off for a shit in a room that does’nt move and slam every 2 seconds, bet your shitter does’nt do that does it? Great video by the way. Did they win?

Down Where The BIG KNobs Hang OUT

Photo: Amund Hestsveen

Great site. If your reading this you are poor. Check out the worlds biggest cash pits on the planet. Dont cry check it out Its all I can say right now.

Record des 24 heures en 60 pieds Open pour Dick et Peyron

Christ its like French Sunday here today? I dont know french but I think they have just been going very fast for the last 24hours and its a record now. It looks like they where ordering some kind of Chinese food take away as a celebration and a couple of beers?  I think they said something like “Who’s the BOSS now? or “Who’s yer daddy now or something like that, but i might be wrong. But Well done French Guys.

Trophée Jules Verne – Départ de Ouessant pour Banque Populaire

Well if I had to go round the world for community service it would be in a big bus like that thing. Its not something that I will ever be doing mind you, round the world that is. But it does look pure magic by the way. I wonder if there is a cafe on the boat for all that staff?

On Board Oracle – Key West Race Week 2011 – By Leighton O’Connor

Nice Video By Leighton O’Connor while sailing on Oracle RC44 where it looks like they burst the fleet by quiet some way?

Key West 2011 By Mega Photographer Leighton O’Connor (Fine Irish Name)

All Photo Credits: The Lord Of Photo (leighton O’Connor) 

Direct to the Key West Stuff here

Big Thanks to Leighton O’Connor (fine Irish Name) for sending in some great shots and Video of the sailing stuff down at Key West Race Week. The photo above is from “Carbon Cental The Keys” where the Big Bucks hang out this weather while the rest of us freeze our nuts off,  really just another planet.

Leighton takes some of the best sailing pictures in the World and from all over the World. He says my favorite assignment to date was covering the 32nd America’s Cup in Valencia, Spain. My true passion is shooting from Helicopters. “Nothing gives you a bigger rush than being strapped into a helicopter and shooting with the door open, cruising 50 feet above the ocean at 110 miles per an hour!”

 Thanks for the stunning photo’s, Looking out for some more updates.

AC45 Launch Plan

Intresting insight into the issues of actually just getting the boat thing into the water. It reminded me of  a point where after doing all this amazing work, its just better to lOOk at  it all day than to get it wet. It is a great looking bird boat thing where ever it is. But have you noticed no toilet or bucket? Spooky Eh? Sailed by Andriods?

AC45 First Sail

Video Credit: http://valenciasailing.blogspot.com/

Nice video of the first outing of the AC 45

AC 45 Splashdown Video

First Video of  New launch of AC 45 boat things hitting the drink. Pure Stunning by the Way.

The AC45 splashed today in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour

Photo credit Gilles Martain-Ragt  check out the other photos

WOW this is amazing, the last time I looked at this it was just getting built. These little buses look like they are just going to blow the whole sailing industry into the next centuary by next week. I mean who does the sails for the Americas cup now “North” or” Mr Jonny Carbon and Plastic ltd” any way very Dogs Bollocks indeed…..Check out the full story great shots and video to follow soon.

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