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    Rolex Sydney To hobart 2010

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Day ONE in the big Brother house (Scottish Series) during our extended winter.

Having been obviously been left off the media list by mistake  for the fifth year in a row, am having to go by what actually happens this week. Day one was a mixed bag, was my first observation judging by the way some were dressed, and when the other bag arrives I’m sure they will look a lot better and matching. Anyway 88 boats managed to the starting line for the start of what looks on paper to be a walk over for the big bendy bus with big winds forecast for the weekend or that’s what you would think! IRC one, sorry IRC 2 with some IRC 1 boats (4) added.  Anyway  most of the Ego’s have landed now and are getting down to the business of winning.  Although it’s early days and Class 1 (Formally known as Class 2) there were some good  average showings of what might be this weekend. Continue reading

What did u do that for?

Alinghi spashed right into someones EGO today, now thats what I call good spectator sport…………..Get it fixed and hit him back..

Drum Snared on Rocks in Oban (Call Arnold)

photo Credit Trawler Jean Francis

The well loved Maxi Yacht owned by Car Salesman Arnold Clark Ran Aground in Oban. I think everyone that has seen her sailing up and down the Clyde over the years will feel only sadness for this lovely old Maxi. On lookers watching the developments could not agree who to call. The AA or Direct Line, so just Called Arnold.

I’m sure that this big bus will get going once again, as she has been through a lot worse than this. All the best of luck in your efforts.

“It’s just a ding” and any of your body shops will have you back on the road in hours. FREE PHONE………… ARNOLD CLARK.

TRi This Out The Water

Check out this bitch motoring down the hill Like a Something that does that sort of thing but out of control. I mean 40.1 fuckin kts during the day in a built up area with a chopper kicking about…………..suits you sir. These French dudes like their boats floating dont they…..well Im off for a shit in a room that does’nt move and slam every 2 seconds, bet your shitter does’nt do that does it? Great video by the way. Did they win?

Down Where The BIG KNobs Hang OUT

Photo: Amund Hestsveen

Great site. If your reading this you are poor. Check out the worlds biggest cash pits on the planet. Dont cry check it out Its all I can say right now.

Record des 24 heures en 60 pieds Open pour Dick et Peyron

Christ its like French Sunday here today? I dont know french but I think they have just been going very fast for the last 24hours and its a record now. It looks like they where ordering some kind of Chinese food take away as a celebration and a couple of beers?  I think they said something like “Who’s the BOSS now? or “Who’s yer daddy now or something like that, but i might be wrong. But Well done French Guys.

Trophée Jules Verne – Départ de Ouessant pour Banque Populaire

Well if I had to go round the world for community service it would be in a big bus like that thing. Its not something that I will ever be doing mind you, round the world that is. But it does look pure magic by the way. I wonder if there is a cafe on the boat for all that staff?

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