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AC45 Wing Sail Time Elapse Video

This looks like its going to be so good, what kind of sail bag do you get for one of these? Since this is a sort of snap shot of the future, what are the sailmakers of today going to do? Just a thought.

It’s That Zhik-ing Feeling MOTH Style

HERE’s the Moth Channel for all you dreamer’s out there. It looks to be a great regatta in every way and the Sponsors must be delighted, what ever a Zhik is anyway? Get out and buy a ZHik

AC45 Production Launch Date 17th Jan On The Water.

By The Way this does look really the dogs bollocks. Cant wait to see one fly.  Those Moths are soooo the 2010’s……….Nice

Australian Nationals 2011

Action from Race Three of the Australian Moth Nationals on this week down under. Its great to see the two British Marines have actually got the hang of this really well in such a short training time . The SAS (British Dept) have purchased a few of these to be used in action at night for early entry to remote beaches through out the battle zones around the world.

It was a perfect choice as little of the boat is in the water and the hull is only 6 inches thick and  therefore does not show up on any radar screens or early warning systems know to The Forces. It also allows smaller members of the forces to gain access to the SAS where otherwise they would just be used as fence posts or something like that. Capable of over twenty odd knts without any noise till they fuckin hit something that is, such as a log, they are perfect. Good luck boys with the training and remember no Drinking on duty…………. And put the guns away. Keep up to date here


Aye were getting a class of these down our local club by the way. They go like fuck too, my mate doesnt know if he is going to be Sea Sick or Air Sick in his. Looks like it could keep you off the drink for a hour or two? Maybe/ Nice video but.

THe WiNg-E

The wing that has caused such a Fuss in Moth Land. Dont know what its all about “I think its the dogs bollocks” Ma Mate Brendons got one.

San Frans Disco 4 Americas Cup

It seems to be quiet big news, but my head is bursting with drink so thats all I know right now, expect to hear about it every day from now till its all over when Larry Wins it again………..Happy Days

Happy New Year 2u

Im off ooout to the pub……happy New Year To you all…….Marine Blast

Apparentely some Big race started in France 2day?

Relief @ Cumming first. (Wild Oats Sewn)

Wild Oats 11 where where handed some relief earlier today and Indeed after all did cum first,  having to endure a long wait in the vinegar stroke department after being the subject of a protest for something that was’nt done right during their short race from Sydney. It was dismissed.

You would be excused for thinking that just one boat did this race such was the media attention given to this Boat. I mean where are Sydney and hobart anyway?

Wild Oats Cumming First, But They could be shooting blanks?

Some times as Mrs Sailing Stuff Points out, its not alway good to cum first all the time. Some times it good to cum second once and a while? And although Wild Oats is one of my favorite Big Boats, I think this time they may just have shot their load on this one to soon. How can you win against a rule that was brought in after a disaster  year where people died? A rule designed to save lifes at see. Of course they where first, they have the biggest fastest boat in the race, but thats not what it comes down to in this case and I have to say,  there may very well be a very good reason for this that we dont know about yet. Anyway hope it all works out fairly at the end of the day. Real story here at some point Im off for a piss. Happy Xmas

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