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Checkout some of these awesome sailing videos thanks to MARINE BLAST if you find any on the net or have any news you think we should have on the site please send it to straight away.

NEW NUMBER ONE VIDEO, This has got to be one of the best Sailing videos to-date, some magic shots of everything check it out now.

Pure Magic TRI-60 going like shit OFF a shovel

Alain Gautier and Mich. desjoyeaux frollicking in Biscay prior to 1999 TJV. They capsized shortly after the start. There is nothing in offshore sailing that comes close to these boats. Too scary for most.

Some totally amazing shots of two then one Wake  boarders getting a tow from a massive big TRI-MARAN got to be doing 25+knts.

Pure mental down wind sailing, this vids got it all=good sound track, Volvo yachts planning like mental. mumm30 action down hill very quickly till they some very quickly, great camera work.

International Moths (flying that is) you got see this one, 26.3 knots, not the way I remember Tiger Brown sailing one. Gets a rating of ??? ??? ??? 8-) 8-) for how the hell do they do that but its very cool if there is a point to it? do they call for water or big air or hight??? answers please on a post card,,THIS IS AMUST WATCH

Down wind sailing in a build up area sir, “suits you sir” MUMM 30 sailing at its best but you got ask yourself why they dont stick to the water a bit better, but great video I think, gets arating of ;D ;D ;D ( ( coz it looks great fun but you must get a bit fed up falling over.


Pirates of the Caribbean racing, some very fast off the wind sailing and looks very very fast broad reach off the top of waves, pure magic ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D but also ( ( coz I dont think I’ll get a slot of one + its a bit fluky in the Holy Loch.

Some great shots of (very wet) Volvo extreme downwind sailing, magic camera work, and some sailing emotion onboard.Whats this about? looks like the morning after [hang over central] looks like everyones still pissed and just dropped off by a space ship, what do u think?

CHIPS IN ROTHESAY? dont miss closing time at the Glue pot, 007 style, West Highland Week mothership? This is the dogs bollocks, BONDS new boat, full tour video with great filming (not from a mobile phone im guessing LOL, check it out.

OKAY this Moth sailor has the hang of it now but what was he like last week? LOL, you got to give it to this guy he’s super fast. Filming could have been better if the rib film boat could have kept up that is.

SCOTTISH SAILING This is the one you have all been looking for 2 young pioneer scottish sailors keeping it real during a very tough 2 handed yacht race (well from the vid i think it was single handed for one of them)? hope this is not the last one they pull off.

SCOTTISH SERIES on the net? a great wee video showing clips of scottish series on the water that is. If you know where to get more of the same get in touch, CCC doing a great job on the committee boat (is that how it is really they look like they are enjoying it.

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